The European Commission has signed the contract of a new project on the modernization of education in 15 universities from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan and in 4 European universities from Bulgaria, Italy, Portugal and Luxembourg.
The universities from Kazakhstan represented in the project consortium are: Innovative university of Eurasia, Almaty Technological University, L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University, as well as the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan
The initiator of the project and project coordinator is the University of Ruse – a Bulgarian higher education institution with a 20 year long experience in the management of similar large scale projects.
The main project aim is to modernise the higher education system in Central Asia through the use of new technologies.
The University of Ruse will share both its Programme for Adapting the Educational System to the Digital Generation through Active Implementation of ICT-based Innovative Education Technologies and its draft of the National Programme for Digital Transformation of Education within the consortium.
The Handbook of Innovative Educational Technologies of the University of Ruse will be adapted to fit the purposes of the project and will be translated into Russian and English. An interactive multimedia version of this handbook, which will be available to all interested parties, will be published on the Internet.
A Centre for Innovative Educational Technologies will be created in each of the Central Asian partner universities. These centres will follow the model of the Centre for Innovative Educational Technologies of the University of Ruse - // Another project output will be the creation of study halls of the future which will be equipped in a similar fashion as the study halls of the University of Ruse that are tailored to meet the needs of digital learners.
By signing the project contract the European Commission once again showed that the digital transformation of education is one of the key priorities of the European Commission – a fact that Mariya Gabriel, the Commissioner for Digitalization, has repeatedly stressed in her speeches and interviews.

Link to the project website:

The Central Asian project partners:


Technological University of Tajikistan is involved in building the capacity of teachers and teachers of financial institutions, funds and financial resources in educational institutions and educational institutions, offices and others. These are tickets with the assistance of the Interim Commission on Financial Resources and Research. In the 2017/2018 academic year, the Center for Computer Technology and the University will return to the ERASMUS + Power Registry and will always assist in reporting its staff.

The project.HiEdTec – “МODERNIZATION OF HIGHER EDUCATION SYSTEM IN THE CENTRAL ASIA BY USING NEW TECHNOLOGIES.” This is mainly focused on the implementation of new information and communication technologies in higher education and to assist in the modernization of higher education through the creation of an open educational portal to learn digital skills, methods of training and mobilization of stakeholders, including teachers, students and socio-economic partners. is underway.

Which factors was tge reason for creating this project:  

- the transfer of digital technologies to industries (based on the requirements of the Fourth Industrial Revolution), which requires high-quality informatization of higher education, based on a consortium of concepts for the adaptation of higher education to the digital generation, taking into account the specific conditions of each Member. elaborates.

- the requirement to allow ALL students to study at FAVOUR time and place in FAVOUR with a lecturer using FAVOUR equipment - computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc., which will create a consortium of universities in Member States' centers for innovative educational technologies

The project outputs and results are should be as follows:

- the creation of a robust academic network for the improvement of methodology, sharing of expertise and best practices in the field of innovative educational technologies;

- development of five concepts for the adaptation of higher education to the digital generation - one for each Member State;

- Ten centers for innovative educational technologies - one for each Member State;

- ten active educational laboratories;

- development of free educational resources in the cloud system;

-development of guidelines for the implementation of innovative educational technologies in the universities of the participating States;

- set the courses for trainers on learning digital skills and teaching methods;

-organization of courses for teachers on digital abilities and teaching methods;

As a result of the implementation of 16 teachers passed training courses in the European countries, they received special certificates.

In practice, this project can contribute to improving the quality of education through the use of modern methods and technologies in the educational process.


Technological University of Tajikistan

Ministry of Education and the Republic of Tajikistan

Tajik Technical University

Khorog State University

Ruse University Angel Kanchev

Almaty Technological University

Innovative Eurasian University

Ala-Too International University

Issyk-Kul State University named after K. Tynystanov

Kyrgyz State Technical University. I. Razzakova

International University for the Humanities and Development

Oguz Khan Engineering and Technological University of Turkmenistan

State Energy Institute of Turkmenistan

Andijan Machine-Building Institute

Tashkent State Economic University

Tashkent University of Information Technologies named after Muhammad al-Khorezmi

University of Studi di Pavia

University of Luxembourg

University of Coimbra

Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan

Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Tajikistan

Ministry of Education of Turkmenistan

Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan


 Ahror Jafarov

Coordinator of the project from

Technology University of Tajikistan.


10/15/2020 at the Technological University of Tajikistan, at the Center for Computer and Educational Technologies, an information day of the Erasmus + program of the European Union was held. The event was attended by representatives of the structural divisions of the university. The coordinators of the current projects of this program and representatives of the Department of External Relations of the University informed the participants of the possibilities of this program, the goals, and objectives of the existing projects. During the event, the participants received answers to their questions. Participants of this event also had access to information materials of the Erasmus + program and projects

The event also provides detailed information about HiEdTec – “Modernisation of Higher Education in Central Asia through New Technologies ”.



This meeting was attended by 49 participants from 9 partner countries, Bulgaria, Italy, Luxembourg, Portugal, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. Among the official guests were the Ambassador of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Deputy Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Tajikistan and the Deputy Mayor of Ruse.

from 01 to 05 2019 was held at University of Technology in Almaata , Kirgys Federation.

Participants: Ahror Jafarov- coordinator of the project – from university   Nazarov Sayfuddin – member of the project working group.

THIRD WORKSHOP OF THE PROJECT. From 02 up to 07 December 2019 was held at State University of Economy in Tashkent

Participants: Ahror Jafarov –coordinator of the project from universityNazarov Sayfuddin –member of the project working group.

INFO DAY 15.10.2020



Bulgaria c. 12-15 of March 2019 year.