Faculty of Technology and Design is a former facultyy of technology of light industry, which was formed in 1990, simultaneously with the formation of the University (formerly the Higher Colleges of Technology Tajikistan). Later, it joined the Faculty of Engineering and Technology.It was newly formed as a separate department by the rector`s order of the Technological University of Tajikistan with #69 at 05/09/2003. Ashurov S.B, later Ibrohimov M.F. and Samiev K.A. were the first deans of the faculty.Since February 2014 the faculty have been led by the expert of textile and light industry dotcent, Professor Ibrohimov Kh.I and Samadov H.T. is aVice Dean for Academic Affairs, Sharipova L.R. is on educational work, Sohibov H.S is an inspector of Computer Center of the faculty, and Yazdonќulova A.B. is a dispatcher of the faculty and Rafieva I.V. is a secretary. Currently 480 full-time students were trained on the faculty.

According to the instructions of the Government of Tajikistan on the preparation of highly qualified specialists and providing industry data specialists Technological University of Tajikistan in accordance with a license number from AU №00001646 07.07.2014 it is to prepare professionals for the following undergraduate degree specialties;

1-19 1 January 05 - Design (costume/suit and fabric);1-1901010501- design of garments;1-1901010504 - weaving design;1-50 01 01 Technology yarn, fabrics, knitwear and non-woven materials;1-50 01 01 01 - Spinning of natural fibers;1-50 1 January 04 - fabric technology;1-50 01 01 05 - knitwear technology;1-50 1 January 07 - Artistic design of textile products;1-50 January 2 02 - Design of garments;1-50 2 January 01 - Technology of garments;

1-54 01 0104 - metrology, standardization and certification (light industry) The faculty structure includes two chairs; 1) Technology of textile products –The head department is PhD on Pedagogical Science, Dotcent Niezboqiev S.Ќ is a graduate of the Ivanovo State Textile Academy .

Department of Textile Technology is specialized for providing special classes, manufacturing, pre-diploma practice and leadership coursework, projects, final qualifying works for specialties 1-500101- yarn technology, fabrics, knitwear and non-woven materials, 1-50010101-spinning of natural fibers , 1-50010104 - fabric technology: 1-54010104- and metrology, standardization and certification. There is a doctor of technical sciences, professor Ishmatov AB and Ibrohimov H.I. in this departmentThe textile industry of the country is one of the leading sectors of the country, is currently being developed and in need of highly qualified industry experts.     Faculty of Technology and Design is occupied data preparation specialists and manufactures bachelor degree and in this regard, among other technical and technological universities in the country are engaged in the process of designing yarns and fabrics for various purposes, production of fabrics in modern conditions, the design of new textile plants, improving technology  production and organization of production textiles.

Classes are held in the department of technology labs, Textile Materials, standardization labs and operating enterprises of the city, such as the "Agency Tajikstandart", OOO "PO Nassoji tojik" and others.  Departments within the framework of practices that partial practical lessons have close ties and contracts with "ON Nassoљi toљik", LLC "Hosilot" p. Rudakї, Ltd. "Istiqlol" in Hissar, as well as with "Hima-textiles", LLC "Ramz" s "Aminjon", OOO ITS NFR "Cato" Javan district, Ltd. "Dunyoi Nav", Dushanbe, sewing manufactuer  association "Guliston", "Yoqut-2000" and Suman.

The Head Department of fashion design and art fashion -  is a doctor of historical sciences, professor, M.F. Ibroњimov For many years, the department in charge of the People's Artist of the Republic of Tajikistan professor Habibulloev Zuhur Nurjonovich.The department was formed in 1991 and is currently preparing specialists majoring 1-19010105 - design (costume and tissues) and 1-50010202 - design of garments. Professor Rauf Murodov has also joined the staff of the department.Currently, the department has PhD in Architecture Ghanizoda L.S., candidate of Arts Umarov G.A. and Ph.D., Associate Professor Mansouri D. Through the efforts of scientists and industry experts train specialists called for undergraduate level. Classes for these specialties are conducted in specialized classrooms, studio art history, drawing, color science, design, painting and others.

During the studies, the students of these specialties learn techniques to develop new models based on the historical, traditional and modern, cutting sewing to form costume and their sizes, at home and in the studio both in individual and industrial design. In order to develop the creative activity and organization of aesthetic education of students at the department is organized and acts following Professional training equivalent design - studio:

Faculty AchievementFaculty achieved the following educational, scientific, educating and innovative achievements. At the end of each semester in the Faculty departments organized exhibition of semester work, the results of which is determined by a realistic assessment of each student's work. Every two - three months, in the auditorium of the university students held demonstration models of students at the Department of Fashion Design and Art modes.

Particularly note is remarkable protection of the exhaust qualified work. The same number of students of the Department of Fashion Design and Art modes separately engaged in various fashion shows in the creative teams in national, city and regional festivals. Large numbers of graduates of this specialty acts as a modeler designer, engineer-technologist, Metrology and earn credibility both at the level of the republic and abroad.

Innovation activity lecturer of the Faculty in relation creating brochures, presentations on the subjects of the department, the use and implementation of information technologies in educational process, animations of technological processes of processing of materials, lectures in electronic form, slides, syllabus for separate disciplines, created guidelines and manuals, independent work and electronical textbooks with electronic faculty libraries are for use by students does not preclude.

To conduct lectures specialized classrooms equipped with interactive whiteboards, projector, TV and DVD. Also, specialized classrooms are 3/201 and 3/204 "Drawing" and "Painting".For practical training faculty dean's office and the department in consultation with the university authorities signed a contract with the leading textile and clothing enterprises of the country, which are the latest equipment and technology.

Faculty teacher`s with innovative subjects performed in the following conferences and symposiums: Ibrohimov M.F.- International Scientific Symposium on the theme "Mir Said Alii Hamadoni" , the role of development of Central Asia (September 5-6, 2015). October 16, 2015 in the hotel  "Hayat Rejensi" - Dushanbe hosted the contest of young Tajik designers under the motto "Vogue Dushanbe-2015 believe in beauty" with the participation of 11 designers of the capital.Four employees of the university took part at  this competition- F. Sharipov, Annohidi S. Valiev M. and Z. Yuldashev, who presented their collections and occupied prominent places and were rewarded with souvenirs. Coach Tuterev-chair of MG Valiev with its collections of costumes participated in the competition of domestic designers' Rohi Abreshim - 2015 "and received a referral to the International Festival of Lucca designers. In this festival (27 November 2015 in Dushanbe complex -. Plaza), also attended by the winners of the qualifying competition, the designer of China (Beijing), India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Russia, Ukraine (Kiev and Odessa), Uzbekistan (Tashkent) and other countries .

Dean of the Faculty
Маълумотномаи Иброгимов Холназар Исломович

Ibrogimov Kholnazar Islomovich

doctor, professor  (2011)

Excellence in Education of the Republic of Tajikistan 


Теl: +(992) 987829671,  (8-37) 2-345689




Dean for Academic Affairs

Nabiev Abdughafor Giyasovich


Теl: (+992) 918255393





Dean for Science and Innovation

Nazarova Anushabonu Khayrulloevna

E-mail: anushabonu55@gmail.com

Теl: (+992) 558 88 76 88

1-1901010501- design of garments;

1-1901010504 - weaving design;

1-50 01 01 Technology yarn, fabrics, knitwear and non-woven materials;

1-50 01 01 01 - Spinning of natural fibers;

1-50 01 01 05 - knitwear technology;


On May 5, 2018, at 08:00 in the Sina district near the Tovus monument, sports games of the Cycling type were held, at which two third-year students were facultatively awarded third place.

In honor of the "President's Day", 11/14/2016, at 13:30 a sports game was held between the university departments. At the faculty, they played volleyball and soccer under the name "Designer"; a team with the faculty of international and investment management called "Sanam" played soccer and volleyball.

Донишҷӯёни факултет дар корхонаҳои зерин таҷрибаомӯзии истеҳсолӣ гузашта,аз озмоишгоҳҳои онҳо дар дарсҳои амалӣ истифода бурда метавонанд.Инчунин баъди хатми Донишгоҳи технологии Тоҷикистон ба ин корхонаҳо ба кор рафта метавонанд.

ҶСК ПО “Нассочии Точик”


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Телефон (992 37) 221 36 73

Факс (992 37) 221 33 55

E-mail anvar_text@tajnet.tj

Веб-сайт www.textil.tj

Директор Анвар Курбонов

ҶСП “Гулистон”


Суроға куч. Техрон, 21

Телефон (992 37) 227 56 83

Факс (992 37) 227 56 83

E-mail: info@guliston.tj

Веб-сайт www.guliston.tj

Директор Дилшод Бегов


ҶСК “Кулоб Текстайл”


Суроға  Шохтемур

 Телефон (992 338) 72 60 37

 Факс (992 37) 222 10 01

 Эл.-почта siic_somonien@mail.ru

 Директор Хабибулло Джураев

Ресандаи Кургон-Теппа


Суроға куч. Айни, 2 а

Телефон (992 3222) 2 73 64

Факс (992 3222) 2 73 63

Веб-сайт www.resanda.tj

 Директор Нусратулло Файзуллоев

ҶСК “Ёкут - 2000”


Суроға куч. Валаматзаде, 52

Телефон (992 37) 221 87 95

Факс (992 37) 221 48 06

Эл.-почта interservice@inbox.ru

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Директор Абдухалим Кадыров

ҶСП“Олим Текстиль”


Суроға куч. Шотемура, 36

Телефон (992 37) 223 42 42

Факс (992 37) 251 01 89

E-mail: olimtextile@mail.ru

Веб-сайт www.olimtextile.com

Директор Валичон Набиев

Educational work is aimed at fulfilling the main tasks in the process of fulfilling the instructions and instructions of the Founder of Peace and National Unity - the Leader of the nation, His Excellency Emomali Rahmon, indicated in the annual Message to the Day of Knowledge, Implementation of regulatory documents, in particular the National Concept of Education in the Republic of Tajikistan, the Law of the Republic of Tajikistan “On the responsibility of parents for the upbringing and education of children”, the Law of the Republic of Tajikistan “Regulation of traditions, holidays and rituals”. Methodology and recommendations The Ministry of Industry and New Technology of the Republic of Tajikistan, the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Tajikistan is aimed at training new specialists for the national economy in credit technologies. Under strict control of the implementation of a unified educational program during the educational work conducted by teachers, departments, departments and other structures, the introduction of e-government at the Faculty of Technology and Design has taken a prominent place.

Факультет технологии и дизайна активно участвует во всех университетских и неуниверситетских культурных мероприятиях.

По указанию Основателя мира и национального единства - Лидера нации, Его Превосходительства президента Эмомали Рахмона, Праздник Мехргон отмечается каждый год в октябре, где празднует  и выставять свои урожаи сельхозпродукты,  где студенты факультета посещаюти активно участвуя получает  хорошую моральную впчетление для себя.

Празднование Навруза ежегодно празднует в Технологическом университете Таджикистана, с большой готовностью и азартом, где им предложили разнообразные праздничные стола, стихи и приготовление суманак, а также спортивные игры, в которых актывно принимает участие студенты факультета.

Ежегодно в честь праздника Навруз в столичном  Наврузгох  все студенты факультета активно участвуют

В факултете Технология и дизайна с участием студентов действует кружок моды «Тобон», где студенты с своими проектируемие дизайни одежды организуют показы новых европейских и национальных одежды.

В связи с вышеизложенным академические группы под руководством кураторы групп находились в Гиссаре.

Чтобы повысить интерес молодежи к патриотизму, патриотизму и таджикской гордости с их древним мастерством и приверженностью героям и пожертвованиям древнего таджикского народа, тур совершил поездку по Гиссарскому замку и другим историческим местам.

туристы ознакомились с экскурсией по Гиссарскому замку и другим историческим местам.


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