The Department of Programming and Computer Engineering (formerly, Programming and Information Technology) as a structural unit of the Technological University of Tajikistan is functioning since 2000.

In certain years, the duties of the Head of the Department were acting by the following persons:

  • 2000-2002years: YUSUPOV Mirzo Chulievich – Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Associate Professor;
  • 2002-2005 years: ISMOILOV Mizrob Akhmedovich– Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Associate Professor;
  • 2005-2008 years: ZARIPOV Saydahmad Asrorovich – Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, acting Associate Professor;
  • 2008-2011 years: TURSUNOV Rahmatullo Jalolovich –Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, acting Associate Professor;
  • 2011-2012 years:NAZARZODA Rustam Saidmurod – Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Senior Lecturer;
  • 2012-2015years: ZARIPOV Saydahmad Asrorovich – Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, acting Associate Professor;
  • 2015-2022years: TURSUNOV Rahmatullo Jalolovich – Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, acting Associate Professor.

Since 2022, the Department is headed by the Candidate of Technical Sciences, acting Associate Professor GHULOMSAFDAROV Abdulnazar Ghulomnazarovich.

During the activity years of the department, on its basis 4 employees has prepared and defended their dissertations for obtaining scientific degree candidate of sciences.

The department prepares specialists based on the following study programmes:

1-40 01 01 01 – «Computer Systems and Internet Technologies»;

1-40 01 01 02 – «Automated Systems»;

1-40 01 01 07 – «Mathematical Support ans Software for Automated»;

1-40 01 01 08 – «Software Engineering»;

1-40 03 01 01 – «Artificial Intelligence».


Gulomsafdarov Abdulnazar Gulomnazarovich

Head of Department






Teaches the following disciplines:

  1. Computer graphics
  2. Multimedia and Web Design (HTML, CSS)
  3. Object - oriented programming (C++ Bulder, Visual Basic, C#)
  4. Programming on Internet(PHP, JAVA SCRIPT)
  5. Database (Sql)

Main research interests:

  1. Stochastic methods of systematizing the morphological patterns of word formation in the Shugnan language (the frequency of occurrence of letters and syllables in the texts of the Shugnan language); 
  2. Methods of mathematical statistics, programming, DBMS design and computational experiment;
  3.  Studying the morphological structure of the Shugnan language to build a program for automatic morphological text processing;
  4. Creation of algorithms for morphological analysis, synthesis, normalization of words, detection and correction of errors in natural languages.

In 2009-2011 he studied at the graduate school of the Khorog State University and prepared to defend his thesis on them of " Software development for automatic text processing of the Shugnan language".

He is the author of the following textbooks:

1. S.Mavlonazarov, A.G.Gulomsafdarov, N.Sultonhaydarov. Informatics - TSIL- 2013
2. A.G.Gulomsafdarov, S.A. Zaripov. Programming in C ++ BULDER – TUT, Dushanbe, 2018
3. A.G.Gulomsafdarov, S.A. Zaripov . Guidelines for the implementation of laboratory work in the discipline Programming Workshop (in Tajik), TUT,Dushanbe, 2019


TURSUNOV Rakhmatullo Dzhalolovich

Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences,

Associate Professor,

Excellence in Education of Tajikistan



Teaching disciplines:

  1. Programming technology;
  2.  Math modeling;
  3. Programming languages;
  4. Structures and data processing algorithms.

Main research interests:

  1.  Mathematical modeling of environmental processes;
  2. Automation of production processes and systems;
  3.  Information technology in education.

Scientific - methodical work:

  1. Tursunov R.Ch., Sharipov Sh.A. Tutorial on MS Access. 1 part . Dushanbe, Promt, 2003, 100 pp.
  2. Tursunov R.Ch., Sharipov Sh.A., Raњmonov P.K. Textbook on MS Access. 2 part. Dushanbe, Promt, 2003.- 100 p.
  3. Tursunov R. D., Sharipov Sh.A. Programming in Visual Basic 6.0. For economists. Dushanbe, "Er - Count", 2005. - 48 p.
  4. Tursunov R.D. Methodical manual on “Fundamentals of Algorithmization and Programming”. -Dushanbe, “Er-Count”, 2017. -180s.
  5.  Ismoilov M.A., Tursunov R.D. Fundamentals of Algorithmization and Programming” (dasturi talimi). - Dushanbe, “Er-Count”, 2018. -220s.



Zaripov Saidahmad Asrorovich

PhD in Phisics and Mathematics,

Associate Professor





Disciplines taught:

  1. the basics of algorithmization and programming;
  2. introduction to artificial intelligence;
  3.  information technology in industries;
  4. programming in high-level languages.

Scientific direction: modeling of grammar elements of natural languages.

Scientific and methodological works:

1. Automated translation of a simple non-distributed sentence from English into Tajik. Proceedings of the Technological University of Tajikistan (TUT), Issue VIII. - Dushanbe: HERE, 2001, p. 61-64/
2. Algorithm for computer translation of English PNP into Tajik. Doc. AN RT, v. 45, No. 3 - 4, 2002, p. 66-71 (co-authors: Usmonov Z.D., Ismailov M.A.)
3. Elements of computer grammars of some natural languages (monograph), Technological University of Tajikistan (TUT), Dushanbe, 2007, 124 pp.
4. Elements of computer systems in teaching the Russian language. Sat Mater. Days of the Russian language in the RT, Moscow State University. M.V. Lomonosov Moscow, 2007, p. 62-67
5. Computer training system "Case declension." Prog. Int. conf. "Rise. quality wa call. based on using ICT "TSNU, D-be: 2008.
6. Models of inter-word links of the Tajik sentence. Materials Int. NPK TUT "WTO: development. science, tech. and image. ”(Dushanbe, November 8, 2014), pp. 33-35
7. Problems of computer analysis and text synthesis (in Tajik). Materials of the international NTK TNU, Dushanbe, December 22-28, 2018, p. 107-110 (co-author: Rizvonova U.M.)
8. Place nasri musajja in the first chapter of “Guliston” of Saadi Sherozi. Materials rep. NPK on the topic “IT Development in the Republic of Tajikistan: Priority and Innovative Directions”, Institute of Entrepreneurship and Service of the Republic of Tajikistan, September 29, 2018, p.125-128 (co-author: O. Niyozboқiev).
9. On graphic homonymy and printing of words. Materials of the Republican NTK "Problems of Information Linguistics, Educational and Innovative Technologies", Dushanbe, TUT, February 23, 2019, p. 19-22 (co-author: Rizvonova U.M.)
10. Programming in C ++ (in Tajik. Language). Toolkit, TUT, 2017 (co-author: Ғulomsafdarov A.Ғ).
11. Guidelines for the implementation of laboratory work in the discipline "Programming Workshop" (in Tajik) Printing house " Technological University of Tajikistan (TUT)", Dushanbe, 2019. (co-author: Ғulomsafdarov A.Ғ).




Sharipov Sharip Ashuralievich

associate professor


tel: (+992) 91 879 70 50(моб)




Since 2001 he has been working at the Technological University of Tajikistan.

Teaching disciplines:

  1. Programming technology (VB 6.0, C #),
  2. The basics of algorithmization and programming,
  3. Object-oriented programming (based on the C # language),
  4. Programming in high-level languages,
  5. Web programming technologies (MVC technology), database.

Main research interests:

  1. Modeling of technological processes (Temperature control in an aluminum electrolysis cell);
  2.  Development of information systems;
     Computer linguistics.

Scientific directions:
The scientific work on the topic “Comparison of some linguistic factors in agglutinative languages (on the example of Tajik and Uzbek languages) is being carried out”

Educational and methodical works:
Over 30 scientific and 11 educational and methodical works were published, including:

  1. Visual Basic Programming Manual 6.0 (Teaching Guide), - Dushanbe: TUT, - 2018. - 140 p.
  2.  Algorithmic thinking in the process of solving exercises (for example C # programming language) / translation by Sh.A. Sharipov - Dushanbe: DTT, 2019. - 172 p.
  3.  Methodological guidelines for performance of course work on the subject "Modern Programming Technologies", Designer Sharipov SH, - Dushanbe: TUT, - 2019. - 36 p.




Mulojonov Bahodur Abdujaborovich,

senior teacher





Discipline taught:

  1. computing network
  2. basics of algorithmization and programming
  3.  information society and computer networks

Scientific direction: Mathematical and instrumentals methods in economics

Educational – methodical work:

  1. Mulojonov B.A., methodological work on the discipline of computer network technology (part 1) - D., Tajik State Institute of Languages ​​named after Sotim Ulugzade., 2018, 84 pp.
  2. Ismoilov MA, Mulojonov BA, Explanatory Dictionary (Glossary) on Information Technology (Part 1) - D., Technological University of Tajikistan, 2019, 118 pp.

    1. Practize of programming

    2. Bases of algorithmization and programming

    3. JAVA Script programming 

    4. INTERNET programming

    5. Object-oriented programming

    6. Functional and logic programming

    7. Software modeling

    8. Information theory

    9. Theory of automatic control

    10. Technology of creation of computer networks

    11. Programming technology (С++)

    12. Structure and algorithms of data processing

    13. The development of client-server applications

    14. Graphical software

    15. Software development technology

    16. Methods of synthetically intelligence

    17. Computer simulation

    18. Web Design make  up

    19. System аnalize

    20. Design and analize of the software


Scientific - research work of the department of programming and computer engineering

  1. Mathematical modeling of environmental processes.

  2. Mathematical modeling of elements of agglutinative languages.

  3. Strategy for the development of entrepreneurship and features of the motivation of educational system management in the Republic of Tajikistan.

  4. The introduction of modern teaching methods and tools in teaching disciplines ICT areas.

Topics of candidate dissertations at the department and their performer:

  1. Statistical processing of texts in agglutinative languages ​​(on the example of Tajik and Uzbek languages) (Senior Lecturer Sharipov Sh.A., Supervisor Academician Usmanov Z.D.)

  2. Development of a strategy for the development of entrepreneurship in the Republic of Tajikistan (senior lecturer B. Mulodzhonov, supervisor, Doctor of Economics, G. Jurabaev)

  3. Features of motivation in managing an organization in the field of education (senior lecturer Saidov I.D., scientific adviser Doctor of Economics Koshonova M.R.)

  4. Development of an effective mathematical model of phonetics and morphology of the language of speech (senior lecturer Gulomsafdarov A.G., scientific adviser academician Usmanov Z.D.)