Considering the great need of the country's economy for highly qualified specialists in the field of information and communication technologies, accompanied by the penetration of information technologies in the economy, in 1998 the University of Technology of Tajikistan began training specialists in the specialty 220400 - “Software for computer technology and automated systems”.

Then, in 2000, based on this practice, the Faculty of information - communication and artificial intelligence was established, which regulated the training of specialists in the specialties of “Information Systems and Technologies (in Economics)” and “Mathematical and Software of Automated Manufacturing”. Gradually, taking into account the needs of the country's labor markets, the list of faculty specialties included such specialties as “Information Security Management System”, “Software Engineering”, and “Business Information Support”.

In the period 2009-2014, the current faculty consisted of two faculties - the Faculty of Industrial Information Systems and Technologies and the Faculty of Innovative and Computer Technologies. ”

Starting from the 2013-2014 academic year, the faculty began training specialists in the system of two-level higher professional education of a bachelor and master.

Currently, the faculty is preparing specialists at the bachelor and master levels in the following specialties:

1-40010101 – «Computer Systems and Internet Technologies»;
1-40010102 – “Automated Systems”;
1-40010103 - “Banking computer systems”;
1-40010104 – «Data security systems»;
1-40010107 - «Mathematical and software for automated production»;
1-40010108 – «Software engineering»;
1-40010202 - «Information systems and technologies (in economics)

The first dean of the faculty was Yusupov М. CH. now vice-rector of the university for innovation and teaching technologies,Ph.D of physical and mathematical , specialist in the field of mathematical modeling.

Then, the faculty in various stages of its activities led Ismoilov MA (Ph.D of Physical and Mathematical), Negmatova G.D. (Ph.D of physical and mathematical), Mirzoahmedov F.M. (Doctor of Technical Sciences), Tursunov R. J. (Ph.D of physical and mathematical), Kimsanov U.O. (Ph.D of economic).

Currently, the dean of the faculty is a specialist in the field of mathematical economics, candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, doctor of economic sciences Ashurov S. B.

Currently, 3 departments function in the structure of the faculty - Department of Information Systems and Technologies; Department of Programming and Computer Engineering; Department of Higher Mathematics and Computer Science The graduating departments are the Department of Information Systems and Technologies and the Department of Programming and Computer Engineering. The Department of Higher Mathematics and Computer Science is a university-wide.

Many young scientists of the graduating departments completed internships and master's programs in the leading countries of Europe, Russia and Asia.

The faculty created a number of modern computer and IT training labs, operate the audience, equipped with information and multimedia equipment.

Students of the faculty undergo professional training and industrial practice in commercial banks, enterprises with automated production, mobile communication providers, public and private institutions for ensuring security and protection of information, as well as in computerized structures of state authorities.

Graduates of undergraduate programs can continue their studies at the Masters, in particular on the basis of the budget, both within the department, as well as in leading universities and training centers of the cities of St. Petersburg and Tomsk, Russian Federation.


Zarifbekov Marodbek Shirinbekovich                                                                                        

Dean of the Faculty

Ph.D on physical and mathematical

Теl:(+992)936-00-13-76,  (+992 37) 2345870 




Nazarov Dzhamshed Yusupovich

Deputy Dean for Academic affairs


теl: (+992 37) 2344932






Saidov Abdujabbor Gafurovich

Deputy Dean for upbringing

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Nasrullaeva Dilafruz Hikmatulloevna

Deputy Dean for Science and Innovation

Ph.D. in Chemical sciences

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1-40 01 01 01 “Computer Systems and Internet Technologies”
1-40 01 01 02 “Automated Systems”
1-40 01 01 03 “Banking computer systems”
1-40 01 01 04 “Data security systems”
1-40 01 01 07 “Mathematical and software for automated production”
1-40 01 01 08 “Software engineering”
1-40 01 02 02 «Information systems and technologies (in economics)»

Ҳоло дар саҳифа мавод мавҷуд нест

Management structure of the Faculty of Information and Communication Technologies