The Department of Innovative Learning Technologies was established in 2009 with the aim of developing and introducing methods and ways of innovative management, ensuring the introduction of modern educational technologies in the educational process.

The most important tasks of the Department of innovative educational technologies are:

– development of normative legal acts in the field of innovation activities;

– development and adoption of intermediate development programs for all structural units of the university;

– Creation of the material and technical and technological base of innovation activities (innovation centers, circles, etc.);

– development and implementation of methods and ways of innovative management, introduction of modern educational and educational technologies;

– analysis and study of the achievements of the respective units University in innovation;

– identification of priority areas of innovation university students and teachers;

– certification of administrative staff and teachers University taking into account state policy in the field of innovation


– organization and conduct of training on the use of modern educational technologies in order to improve the level and quality of classes;

– Development and implementation of a talent search and support program;

– organization and conduct of internal university competitions with the aim of attracting students and teachers to put forward ideas and ways search in their practical application;

Structural units of the Department of Innovation, educational and information technology

– Center for Computer and Educational Technologies

– Career and Innovation Center