Name of short-term certification courses

  1. Accounting

  2. Business plan and economic statistics

  3. 1C-accounting

  4. 1C – Enterprise

  5. Information technology and programming

  6. Repair and diagnostics of computer equipment

  7. Network service and technical equipment

  8. Studying the exact sciences and computer

  9. Technology and tailoring

  10. Training of waiters

  11. Organization of cultural programs and fashion show of students, shows –

  12. Learning the game of chess

  13. Methods for making salads

  14. Learning foreign languages ​​(English, German, Ktiay and others)

  15. Russian language courses for labor migrants

  16. Innovative pedagogical teaching technologies

  17. Professional self-development

  18. Continuing education courses for energy and industry workers

  19. Training Courses at Cisco University Network Academy