SHOGUREZOV Khudoyor Alushievich

Head of center

Теl: (+992) 2345943

Mоb. (+992) 919750783


Registration, counseling and testing center

Advisory - registration center of the credit system of education (ARCCSE) is a center engaged in recording the history of educational achievements of the student, providing the organization of all types of knowledge control and the calculation of its academic rating. To organize the educational process of the university on the credit system of education and control the quality of knowledge of students, it carries out operational management of the registration process, the formation and storage of academic records. ARCCSE is a structural unit of the University, a part of the Department of Management of the educational process and the quality of education, providing planning and control of the organization of the educational process, the organization of the system for monitoring educational achievements of students.


 - Improving credit training technology at the Technological University of Tajikistan;

 - improvement of the automated system of the educational process "LMS + Dean";

 - improvement of the system of automated performance monitoring and issuance of statements;

 - improving the work of the electronic pedagogical journal


 - keeping records of students' academic performance;

 - calculating the academic rating of a student;

 - keeping records of credits / hours accumulated in academic disciplines

 - preparation of statements necessary for the current, intermediate and final certification;

 - formation and preparation of summary statements based on the results of interim and final certification;

 - maintaining and issuing the current transcript and diploma supplement (transcript), calculating the GPA passing score and entering the results into the electronic database of student performance;

 - organization and control of the process in the formation of the catalog of elective disciplines;

 - organization and conduct of recording students in elective disciplines;

 - participation in the organization and conduct of the summer semester;

 - participation in the development and coordination of internal regulatory documents of the university on issues within the competence of the center;

 - the implementation of its activities in accordance with the mission, policy and strategy of the university;

 - control over the introduction of the electronic journal.

Grading System

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