Hasanov A.R

Head of the Research Department

PhD on Economics

The main goals and objectives of the research department of the Technological University of Tajikistan are aimed to organizing, monitoring and regulating the scientific, theoretical and scientific and practical activities of the relevant university structures; organization, implementation and control over the implementation of current and long-term plans for the scientific activities of university faculties based on the requirements and provisions of regulatory legal acts in the field of science and education of the Republic of Tajikistan, as well as the Higher Attestation Commission of the Republic of Tajikistan.

The main areas of the activity of the department include:

– preparation and conduction of scientific events;

– ensuring the participation of scientists, teachers, doctoral students (PhD), applicants, graduate students, graduate students and students in scientific and practical conferences and competitions, scientific and theoretical seminars and discussions of scientific papers, forums and scientific events across the university, city, region, country and on the international level;

-organization of the process of conducting research and development and their effective implementation;

-continuous improvement and control over the research activities of the structural units of the university, student research circles, seminars;

improvement and control of editorial work;

-organization and coordination of the connection of scientific achievements of the university with production, etc.

The Department of Science and Research of the Department of Science and Implementation consists of the following units:

  • Department of training of scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel;
  • Dissertation Council;
  • Council of young scientists;
  • Editorial office of the journal “Bulletins of TUT”.

Dissertation Council for the defense of Ph.D.

By the decision of the Higher Attestation Commission under the President of the Republic of Tajikistan dated January 29, 2018, No. 6, the dissertation council 6D.COA-039 was created at the university for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), the degree of candidate of science.

Chairman of the Council: Doctor of Technical Sciences (05.20.01), professor – Gafarov A.A .; Deputy Chairman of the Council: Doctor of Technical Sciences (05.02.13, 05.19.02), professor – Ibrogimov H.I .; Scientific Secretary: Ph.D. (05.19.02) – Yaminova Z.A.


⦁ 6D072400 – Technological machines and equipment (on industries);

⦁ 6D072700 – Technology of food products (on industries);

⦁ 6D073300 – Technology and design of textile products;

⦁ 05.18.12 – Processes and apparatuses of food production;

⦁ 05.18.01 – Technology for the processing, storage and processing of cereals, legumes, groats, fruit and vegetable products and viticulture;

⦁ 05.18.06 – Technology of fats, essential oils and perfumes and cosmetics;

⦁ 05.19.01 – Materials science of textile and light industry;

⦁ 05.19.02 – Technology and primary processing of textile materials and raw materials.

The Council of Young Scientists

The Council of Young Scientists of the Technological University of Tajikistan was created to facilitate the integration of young scientists and specialists, optimizing their participation in the reproduction of scientific potential. To achieve its goal, the Council solves a number of tasks aimed at creating conditions for the development and creative self-realization of young people in the field of science and the consolidation of young scientific personnel.

Editorial office of «Bulletins of TUT».

The scientific achievements of scientists, doctoral students (PhD), applicants and graduate students of the university are regularly published in the scientific and theoretical journal “Bulletins of TUT”. The magazine was founded in 1996. The scientific and practical “Bulletins of TUT” is included in the Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI), which publishes the main scientific results of a dissertation for the degree of doctor and candidate of science, as well as doctoral students (PhD) in the specialty. Certificate of registration of organizations with the right to press in the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Tajikistan No. 053 / ЖР-97 dated April 23, 2018. Contract No. 818-12 / 2014 on the inclusion of the journal in the RSCI.