The department of educational work is an integral part of the structure of the Technological University of Tajikistan.

The department is responsible for the implementation of the national concept of educating future specialists, in the context of their readiness to serve the ideals of development of Tajikistan and on this basis monitors the effectiveness of the tasks assigned by the faculty of departments, faculties and other structural units of the university.

– the organizational and educational department

– the department of culture and advertising

– the department for youth and sports affairs

– the women and girls affairs

– sector, the Fanovar newspaper

– the Marifat television

– the Student council of university

– the Zukhal ensemble

– are an integral part of the Department of educational work.

History of the  educational work department

Since the founding of the university in 1990-1993, the first vice-rector of the university was Shoev Nurali Nabotovich. Subsequently, the department was named the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Relations, which was headed by Ismoilov Abualisino Yahyaevich (1993-1994), from 1994 to 1996 Abdullaeva MG, 1996-1997 Dzhalilova Munavvara Numonovna, 1997-2000 Usmonova Tukhfa Dzhumaevna, 2000– 2004, Shoev Nurali Nabotovich worked as vice-rector for education and international relations. From 2004, he was appointed vice-rector for educational and social issues and headed Khojamurodov Olimzhon Hamroevich until 2008, and then from 2010 to 2014 Ibrokhimov Murodali Fayzalievich. Since 2014, the department was renamed the Department for Educational Part and Propaganda, and Bobozhonova Bunafsha Sharofiddinovna worked until 2015. Since 2015, this post has been held by Yusupova Zarina Rozikovna, who is a candidate of philological sciences and associate professor.

Each of them sought to gain the trust of the university leadership and use all their knowledge and skills for the development of the university.

In order to hold historical dates and attract teachers and students of the University to political, cultural and sports events, the educational work department and propaganda develops plans and monitors their implementation at all departments of the University.