INNOCAST –Innolabs in Central Asia for a sustainable catalyzation of innovation
in the Knowledge Triangle (INOCAST)

Project objectives

Creation of an innovation network containing stakeholders in the knowledge triangle (research, business and education) as an inter-regional platform for the exchange of experience and the development of a sustainable scheme for enhancing innovative and public-private partnerships in Central Asia

INOCAST specific objectives:

  1. Creation of an Innovation Network comprising stakeholders in the Knowledge Triangle (Research, Business and Education) as a supra-regional platform for exchange of experiences and the development of a sustainable scheme for enhancing innovation and public-private partnerships in Central Asia, supporting a "Think global, act local" approach in which small scale innovations are supported and networked for better up-scaling;
  2. The definition, infrastructural establishment and operation of 14 Innovation Laboratories (Innolabs) at 14 Central Asian Universities, establishing spaces for experimentation, product and service development in focus areas to be determined, and community engagement by fostering entrepreneurship and innovation culture;

Strengthening of managerial, strategic and technical capacities of personnel of the 14 Central Asian partner Universities for the maximization of innolabs as sustainable, user centered, built on experience and scalable innovation catalyzators.

Project duration  

2013 - 2016

Project Budget

1.303.414,75 EUR  (TUT budget 55757 EUR)


Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB)


Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Coventry University

University of Boras

Riga Technical University

Bukhara State University

University of World Economy and Diplomacy

Andijan Agricultural Institute

  1. Amanzholov East Kazakhstan State University

L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University

KIMEP University

Kazakh Academy of Transport and Communications

Kyrgyz National University

International University of Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyz State Technical University

Tajik State University of Law, Business and Politics

Technological University of Tajikistan

Turkmen State Institute of Transport and Communication

Turkmen State Institute of Economics and Management

Project outcomes

As the result of the project realization a special network was established according to the concept of tringle – knowledge. The network has brought together several stakeholders from different sectors including industry (light and food) scientific institutes and business sector. Within the close collaboration of the stakeholders in innovative laboratory of TUT (INOLAB TUT) commercialization of scientific researches have been carried. Currently, with the support of TUT INOLAB and in the premises of TUT Technopark (Fanovar) several production lines of food and soft-drinks are functioning.   In addition, the project has a separate working room with 3 staff units fully equipped. TUT INOLAB staff are enrolled in marketing research and RD. Moreover, TUTINOLAB organizes events such as seminars and workshops to involve and attract scientist to commercialize the research outcomes and promotion of RD. With the support of the INOCAST project the following equipment were provided to TUT to facilitate the education process and design the scientific research in to real practices:

1-3D PROJECTOR, 1- 3D PRINTER, 1- 3D SCANNER, 2 – Computers (PC), 2 – laptops, 1-Server, 1- Multi-functional printer, software programs such as 4- Solid Edge/  Software Solid Edge, 4 - SCADA TRACE MODE/ Software SCADA TRACE MODE ,  2- Corel Draw/ Software CorelDraw