PROMIS-Professional network of Master’s degrees in Informatics as a Second Competence (PROMIS)

Project objectives

PROMIS is a project sponsored by Tempus Program. It is a continuation of ERAMIS project. PROMIS stands for Professional network of Master’s degrees in Informatics as a Second Competence.

The PROMIS Tempus project was a continuation of the ERAMIS Tempus project, which realized the creation of a network of “Informatics as a Second Competence” (ISC) Masters Programs in four universities in Russia, three in Kazakhstan and two in Kyrgyzstan. Its broader objective was to extend this network in Central Asia and make it a network of excellence, while significantly strengthening the professionalism of the masters programs, and improving university-business relationships.

The project planned the creation of ISC masters programs in Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan (2 per country) as well as two new ISC masters in cities not yet concerned by ERAMIS in Astana (KZ) and in Osh (KG).

In order to strengthen university-business relations, local companies had to be involved very early in the creation of these masters programs, taking the example of European companies involved in the project: participation in the steering committee for training, lessons carried out by company employees, internship proposals.

Reverse teaching which consists of privileging teacher-student interaction on the practical level, while the students acquire the theoretical part of teaching personally, has been partially integrated in the first year of the master’s program, in order to adapt the training to the special status of student employees. Likewise, alternating training have been strongly encouraged in the second year of the Master’s program: the student works part-time in a company and his professional experience acquired in the second year is the basis of the Master’s dissertation.

Main goals of the project:

  1. Extension of ERAMIS network in Central Asia
  2. Improvement of the academic quality of the network
  3. Improvement of the vocational focus of the master degrees in computer sciences in different ways
  4. Establishment of strong relationships between companies and universities
  5. Adapting teaching process to the students working in parallel of the studies
  6. Improvement of the network by sharing courses and pedagogic material

Project duration  

2013 – 2017

Project Budget  

1.238.726,15 EUR (TUT budget 54300 EUR)



Grenoble Alps University (former Pierre Mendès-France University), (France)


Kaunas University of Technology

Lublin University of Technology

Savonia University of Applied Sciences

Technological University of Tajikistan

Khujand State University

Al-Farabi Kazakh National University

Gumilyov Eurasian National University

Kyrgyz National Technical University

Osh Technological University

Turkmen State Institute of Economics and Management

Turkmen State Institute of Transportation and Communication

Bukhara State University

National University of Uzbekistan

Enterprise partners from Europe

eLeDia, enterprise, Berlin

Ilmi Solutions Oy, enterprise, Kuopio

SYMETRIX, enterprise, Grenoble

Project outcomes

Within the frame of the implementation of TEMPUS-PROMIS project at the Technological University of Tajikistan there was created Master’s Study Program on the specialization 1–53 01 01 06– Automation of the management system and technological processes. TUT has received license from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Tajikistan for the opening Master’s specialty at the university. Also, with the funding of the TEMPUS-PROMIS there was purchased and delivered the necessary equipment for master students. TUT staff after participation in the study visit to EU universities have developed 8 courses for the Master’s Study Program. The course materials (syllabuses, teaching materials) were uploaded in the MOODLE platform, where Master students and teachers  are using the materials.