MIND – "Management-Innovation-Development"

Project objectives

Project goal: Creation of youth centre – to provide young people with knowledge, experience and funds to start up/develop their own business by this supporting the social development etc. In addition, the project aims to enhance quality education through attractive education models. Therefore, in the process of the project realization some of EU best practices have been used in CA partner universities. The main focus of the project was to improve innovation entrepreneurship skills among the students.

Project duration  

2015 – 2018 (extended until 14 January 2019)

Project Budget  

777.866,00 EUR  (TUT budget 48282 EUR)


Universidad Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain


Technological University of Tajikistan

Khorog State University

Russian-Tajik Slavonic University

Bukhara State University

Samarkand Agriculture University

Tahskent State University of Economics

Kyrgyz National University

Talas State University

Osh Technological University

CBC Group

Instituto Superior Técnico de Lisboa

Bratislava Technical University

Universitá degli studi Genoa

Universitat Politecnica de Cataunya

Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Project outcomes

The project improved the capacity of TUT career center in conducting the contests of best innovation project. Under the support of the project a MIND center was opened. The center is equipped with modern  IT technologies that facilitate the practical lessons on innovation project and business planning.  In addition, 3 best innovation project developed by TUT students were presented in Lisbon, Portugal. Currently, TUT MIND center functions as the hub interactive center  for START-UP promotion and provide extension services to business sector. Last year TUT ENACTUS team won the national award with technical support of TUT MIND center. It should be noted that TUT MIND center aims to develop the concept of student entrepreneurship and individual capacity among the TUT students. Moreover,  the center provides opportunity for young researchers to realize their research ideas in to business START-UPS