On 18th of October 2019, under the support of  National Erasmus + office and the European Union Delegation representative in Tajikistan,  Technological University of Tajikistan hosted the first cluster meeting under the topic of “Sustainability and effectiveness of Tempus and Erasmus + projects in fostering the capacity of the Higher Education  in Tajikistan”. The meeting was attended by Mr. Mirboboev R. deputy to the Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Tajikistan, Madame Petra Gasparova head of the department on Political issues, Media, and Information of EU Delegation in Tajikistan, Madame Czarina Nuriddinova. National Erasmus + office coordinator in Tajikistan, representatives of HEIs in Tajikistan and Media.

The aim of the cluster meeting was to assess the implementation of projects in the frame of the abovementioned programs in HEIs of Tajikistan during the last 20 years. In addition, during the meeting the representatives of Technological University of Tajikistan (TUT) and Khujand State University named after Bobojon Gafurov (KSU) presented implementation of the projects in the frame of Tempus and Erasmus program their  including their achievements, project outcomes and sustainability. It should be noted that KSU and TUT are most grant holders of the above-mentioned programs among Tajik HEI. Moreover, a tour was conducted to the centers and laboratories of TUT established in the framework of the projects. The visits were conducted to the following centers:

“Computer and software engineering laboratory” established in the frame of TEMPUS HEICA Project;

Center of Engineering education development “Extend center” funded by Erasmus + EXTEND project;

Electronic portal for student academic mobility www.tutmobility.tj created under the support of Erasmus + PAWER project

Electronic web portal of TUT career center funded by TEMPUS UNIWORK project

The cluster meeting enabled to introduce the achievements of two leading universities of Tajikistan TUT and KSU and share their expertise with other HEIs of Tajikistan.


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