In order to strengthen the professional knowledge of students and graduates, their involvement in the practice and development of bilateral cooperation between the Technological University of Tajikistan and OJSC “Alif Capital” September 28, 2015 the staff of the Career center and innovation and students of the Faculty of International Management and Marketing attended the introductory lecture and acquaintance with the practical activities of the organization.

It should be noted that OJSC “Alif Capital” was established in 2014 as a microcredit organization. Despite all the risks, taking into account the readiness of the banking sector and in general, OJSC “Alif Capital” introduced and improved its new product BEFOIZ – 0%. Demand for these products made rapid growth possible. This is evidenced by the fact that over the past five years, Alif has increased the employees 70 times. OJSC “Alif Capital” currently employs more than 280 employees and in 2014 only 3 of them launched it. One of the most important things of OJSC “Alif Capital” employees is that they have ten values ​​that create the culture of this organization.

Students and graduates of the Technological University of Tajikistan were involved in various types of activities and successfully work and occupy their stable positions in OJSC “Alif Capital”. Zarina Rajabova – head of department of business process preparation, Kamolov Behzod Bekruzovich – senior specialist in the microcredit department, Ismonov Gafurzhon Farhodovich – leading specialist in “Alifshop”, “Salom” and programmer (Front-end development coordinator) Shakhrom Lutfiddinovich.

During the open lecture, students were introduced to the history, structure and types of services provided by the organization. Conducting this kind of lessons allows students to improve and apply their theoretical knowledge of the subject of “Marketing Communications” in practice.

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