On May 3, 2024 the next meeting of the Rector of the Technological University of Tajikistan Rahmonzoda Zoir Faizali with the students of the Faculty of International Management and Marketing and their parents has been hold. At the meeting, first of all, the main points of the meeting of the Founder of Peace and National Unity – Leader of the Nation, President of the Republic of Tajikistan respected Emomali Rahmon with activists, representatives of the public and religious figures of the country, as well as the academic and educational system, were highlighted.

Rahmonzoda Z. F. noted that, for further development of the education system of younger generation and increasing their national feelings, it is necessary to establish cooperation between the students’ parents and the university at the proper level. Because, at present, xenophilia and informal education are alienating our youth from the culture of our ancestors, developing in their minds unhealthy morality and imitation of foreign culture.

The Rector highlighted the university’s opportunities for learning and encouraged students to effectively use such opportunities as e-library, language courses, robotics, information technology and vocational training. Because anyone who sets a goal to study and become a professional specialist, taking advantage of the opportunities of the university, will definitely be able to achieve success. He expressed that, the university administration and staff are making efforts to implement the educational policy of the President of the republic in order to make a valuable contribution to the training of highly qualified personnel.

After the Rector’s speech, some parents expressed their opinions, asked questions on certain aspects and received specific answers. They also expressed gratitude to the administrative and teaching staff of the university for teaching and educating their children.