On the basis of a mutually beneficial agreement between the Technological University of Tajikistan and CJSC MDO “Humo”, signed in 2016, on February 25, 2020, an event was held entitled “One Day Humo at TUT”, in which students and graduates of the faculties of economics and finance, international management and marketing, telecommunications and vocational training. At the beginning of the event, Makhmadiev Jamshed, recruiting specialist at CJSC MDO “Humo”, provided detailes information on the organization’s activities, administrative and organizational forms and procedures for hiring specialists.

It should be noted that CJSC MDO “Humo” is a progressive and developing organization in the field of microcredit deposits. Its main task is to provide high-quality and affordable financial services to the population, as well as to promote the development of small businesses to provide new economic opportunities to the people of Tajikistan. In the framework of its activities, the organization uses the latest technologies and high standards of financing, which allows it to work effectively in accordance with international best practices.

At the end of the event, interviews were held between employees of CJSC MDO “Humo” and graduates of the Technological University of Tajikistan about their participation in the internship, practice, training and employment. Graduates were encouraged to pay more and more attention to information and communication technologies, as future operations with financial services will be carried out with innovative technology.