In honor of the 30th anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Tajikistan, the Technological University of Tajikistan held a contest “The Best Expert” on the work of the great classics of Tajik literature.

The competition aims is to increase readership, increase cultural awareness, return to national and cultural values, develop self-awareness, enrich language resources, strengthen the spiritual world and develop language skills among students. graduate students and university professors.

In this regard, in conjunction with the language departments, a regular competition was held with the participation of teachers, students and pupils of the innovative lyceum “Dushanbe” on the work of Khayom.

The competition was attended by over 80 applicants who read works from the work of the great Umar Khayom Nishopuri in Tajik, Russian, English and Uzbek.

The organizers planned to hold a contest every month with a further reward of winners with memorable gifts.

The jury summed up the following contest results:

The first place was taken by the first-year student of the ITF – Amirova Miygona.

Second place – Rizoev Mahmudjon, pupil of the innovative lyceum “Dushanbe”, and Jasmin Shonazmieva, first-year student of the FTD;

Participants shared the third place: Tagaev Mavzuna, Bobokhonzoda Saidshokh and Saidzoda Sino.

Three pupils of the Dushanbe Innovation Lyceum were awarded a memorable gift – a collection of poems by master Umar Khayom for good and accurate reading in Tajik, Russian and English.

Then, the leadership of the Technological University of Tajikistan awarded diplomas and prizes to participants and winners. In conclusion, vice-rector for educational work, associate professor Yusupova Z.R. thanked everyone for their participation and announced that the next competition would be devoted to the poetry of Mavlono Jaloliddin Mohammed Balkhi.

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