A solemn meeting was held at the University in honor of National Flag Day with the participation of the staff and students of all faculties of the Technological  University of Tajikistan.

The rector of the University Amonzoda I.T., Vice-rector for innovative and educational technologies M. Yusupov made a congratulatory speech. In particular, they emphasized: The flag of Tajikistan is a symbol of peaceful life, happiness and prosperity, hope for tomorrow. Today, our flag is a symbol of unity and pride, which is a symbol of a sovereign state in Tajikistan and in many other countries of the world.

Then, the assistant professor of the Department of Humanities Juraev R.Z. with a useful speech about the history of the origin, existence and significance of the flag.

At the end of the event, students of the Dushanbe Innovation Lyceum and students of the Zukhal University Ensemble welcomed all guests with their festive performance.

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