DOQUP –« Documentation for Quality Assurance of Study Programs»

12.2011 – 12.2014

MAPREE – «Master programmes on Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency in Buildings in Central Asia and Russia»

12.2012 – 12.2015

eINTERASIA – «ICT Transfer Concept for Adaptation, Dissemination and Local Exploitation of European Research Results in Central Asia”s Countries»

1.03.2013 – 28.08.2015

INOCAST –« Innolabs in Central Asia for a Sustainable Catalization of Innovation in the Knowledge Triangle»

12.2013 – 12.2016

UNIWORK- «Strengthening Career Centres in Central Asia Higher Education Institutions to empower graduates in obtaining and creating quality employment»

12.2013 – 12.2016

PROMIS – «Professional Network of Master’s Degrees in Informatics as a Second Competence»

12.2013 – 12.2016

MFQSE – «Modernization of higher education in the area of food quality and safety in Tajikistan»

12.2013 – 12.2016

CANEM II of Erasmus Mundus Program

Agriculture and Ecological Balance with Eastern Europe

AIESEC (Association Internationale des Étudiants en Sciences Économiques et Commerciales)

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