Speciality of bacalauriate

Faculties and specialties

Engineering – Technologic

  • Metrology, standardization and certification (in the directions of light and food industry)
  • Machines and apparatus production of food
  • Technology of storage and processing of food the orphaned
  • Technology of functional and baby food
  • Technology of storage and recycling of animal products;
  • Manufacture of products and catering
  • Technology yarn, fabrics, knitted fabrics and nonwovens

Faculty of Technology and Design

  • Designing and technology of sewing products
  • Design (according to directions)
  • Design sewing products
  • Design of textile products
  • Spinning of natural granites
  • Technology fabrics
  • Technology jersey
  • Design decoration textile fabrics.
  • Sewing Technology hizdely

Faculty of financial and innovation management

  • The economy of scientific – technical progress
  • Economic analysis
  • Finance and credit
  • Economics and Management (industrial enterprises)
  • Project management
  • Management and use of water resources diplomacy

Faculty of World Economy and Marketing

  • World economy
  • Management of foreign investments
  • International Marketing

Faculty of International and Investment Management

  • international Management
  • Investment management
  • Effective energy technology and energy management

Faculty of Information Technology industry

  • Software Information Technology (specialization Information Security Systems – Software of automated production, Software Engineering
  • Technology and information systems (in the economy)

Tajik – Ukrainian Joint faculty

  • Computer systems and internet – technology
  • Bank computer systems
  • Automated Systems

Faculty of Telecommunications and vocational education

  • Telecommunication networks
  • Professional education. Computer technology
  • Professional education. Telecommunications and Communication
  • “Telecommunication systems and networks, mobile and satellite communications and radio”
  • Professional education. Design


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