Center of computer and educational technologies

  • Management structure
  • The sectorof technical regulationand developmentof information technology;
  • Laboratory ofsoftware information technology;
  • Laboratory forcomputer assembly;
  • Laboratory for diagnostics and repair of printing equipment;
  • Mini printing office
  • Networking Academy«CISCO»;
  • Center of young programmers SoftLab;
  • Laboratory network of computer technology
  • Laboratory of computer and software engineering.


Activities of the Center of computer and educational technology  directed on the basis of the Situation of the Department of innovative education and information technologies for informatization of educational process, provision of information technology, maintenance of information technology and the introduction of new information and communication technologies. In order to achieve specific goals are set: the sector for the diagnosis and repair of electronic equipment, sector of technical regulation and tools of information technology  which facilitate the realization of strategic objectives TSKOT.

The tasks and responsibilities of the center

  • The provision of recourses of information technology for all departments of the University;
  • The systematic diagnosis of information technology;
  • SoftwareInformation Technology;
  • Assimilation and introduction of new innovative technologies in the learning process;
  • Provision of the operational status of a university-wide networks and the Internet;
  • The organization of training courses and seminars for the study of information technology and assimilation of new technologies and programs;
  • Provisionof information technologyservices;
  • Provision of security Information;
  • Provision and maintenance of surveillance cameras in campus areas;
  • Organizationand regulationof short-termprofessional developmentcourses;
  • Coordination of the activities of the university network academy CISCO with other structures.


  • More than 37 are provided with new multimedia equipments;
  • The basisof the Centerof youngdesigners”Mechatronics and Robotics” and Centerof young programmers«SoftLab»;
  • Restructuring the university’s website with a latest modern model;
  • The basis of the department for preparation of educational-television programs “TV-TUT”;
  • The organization and creation of the Centre of distance education;
  • The creation ofthe electriclayoutof the brand«TOJVARZ»
  • Automation functioning of the ancient device for processing milk “Duғkashak”;
  • Modeling and development of intelligent computer-operative industry dictionary “Kalima”;
  • An automated admission program for examinations in the form of test;
  • The creation ofa computerlayout«TUTcomp»;
  • Automated software for accounting and registration of the property of the University;
  • Obtaining an international certificate of more than 100 students of the local Academy of «CISCO» at the Technological University of Tajikistan.


  • Cooperation of the Centre with the members of Tajik Association through academic, research and educational computer networks (Taran)
  • TSKOT carries out its partnership with the Association of Taran in two directions:
  • Provision of the service of the Internet by Taran Association in which the Association provide us with 4 MB /per second rate of exchange information;
  • Training of professionals of the ICT industry in which employees of TSKOT take an active part and improve their skills at the seminars and trainings held by that association.

Partnership with the Republican Center of Information and Communication TechnologiesCooperation Cooperation with the Republican center of information and communication technologies is carried out in the organization and holding of seminars and trainings for the innovation of new information and communication technologies,implemantation of various activities for the development of information and communication technologies.

Association of Internet accessibility and training center “SUBҲI Donish” (Masood)

The center has a good cooperation with the above mentioned organizations on the implementation of distance learning technologies, determination of optimal ways in organizing a unified platform of distance learning in Tajikistan and their coordination with the laws of the Republic of Tajikistan. And also with the systematic accordance of industry employees, for them  there are provided trainings and public lectures with the participation of foreign experts. These organizations, when making a great contribution to the it-club-and WREN, systematically take an active part in conferences, debates and other events.

The organization “EPOS”

Within the framework of mutual cooperation with the organization of «EPOS» (EU), our Center implements a set of educational services in oder to improve the  computer knowledge of  med statisticians of the branches of Health care of the republic.

Cooperation with the CISCO Networking Academy

On the basis of the cooperation with the CISCO Networking Academy,  there have been established a local academy of CISCO in the University in 2012. Currently there are 12 instructors who have completed the courses of CISCO Academy who were afterwards awarded certificates and mobilized to conduct classes. The total number of graduates of level of IT-Essentials is more than 60 people. Currently, in order to obtain international certificates of level of IT-Essentials,  more than 100 students are covered and 10 students involved to a degree CCNA.

Future plans

  • Development and implementation of e-government of the university;
  • The laboratory organization of “Networks and Telecommunications” and “Information Security”
  • The organization of the “Green Zone” provide free access to the Internet for the students of the University through a wireless WI-FI in a campus teritories;
  • The establishment of organization of mini printing press in order to meet the needs of the educational process;
  • The organization laboratory of automation systems engineering for students of food technology and light industry;
  • Delivery of licensed software for the special purposes of laboratory
  • The expansion of the surveillance system in the University;
  • The organization of fee paying courses for professional development of students and teachers;
  • The development of test models of electronic information boards.

International innovation projects

Center, actively participating in the implementation of the project HEICA, «The initiative of higher education in Informatics in Central Asia” of TEMPUS program (funded by the European Commission) which the Center created at the expense of the project the laboratory for “Computer and Software Engineering.” The above mentioned laboratory is equipped with 20 computers, 1 server, 2 printers, 1 projector and 30 programmer of various network equipment and 78 books by specialties, which create for the students and teachers a huge opportunities and favorable technical and technological conditions for the realization of innovative projects.

The project,in which currently TSKOT – INTERASIA- is actively involved «The end  results of research of the of European states in the branches of information and communication technologies with the compliance  of Central Asia” the program of FP7, (funded by the European Commission). Within the realisation framework  of this project and its financing, in the university will be organized an exhibition hall «SHOUROM», equipped with modern advertising and information technology to demonstrate the scientific and practical and intellectual achievements of students and teachers in the fields of ICT.

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