Certification courses

To the attention of students, teachers, employees and to other  interested parties, the Technological University of Tajikistan in agreement with Ministry of education and science of Republic of Tajikistan announce the part–time  certified courses with the degree graduation  and other official documents that Ministry of education and science of  the Republic of Tajikistan have approved of, are the degrees and documents that  are highly recognized in a free labor market, is proposed:

  • Accounting;
  • 1C – accounting;
  • Information technologies and programming;
  • Learning programs in networking 0f CISCO academy in the level of IT essential and CCNA;
  • Repairing and diagnostic of computer technics;
  • Learning of foreign languages (English ,Russian , German and Chinese);
  • Activities of commercial banks

Interested parties who would like to get additional  information about courses are welcomed to acquire them from centre of junior programmers “SoftLab”(building №7) or centre of computer and educational  technologies (building №1, second floor)

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