Faculty of International and Investment Management

Faculty of International and Investment Management

In 2014, by order of the rector of the Technological University of Tajikistan it was created the Faculty of Management and the European model of education. The faculty consists of two departments: the Department of English Language and Department of International Management and mutual coordination of the European system of education.

The Faculty of Management and the European model of education prepare specialists for the industrial sectors of the economy in the following areas. Today, the Faculty is responsible for the preparing specialists and bachelors on specialties 1- 26 02 02 02 “International Management” and 1-25 01 03 01 “Management of foreign economic activity.”

 Educational programs

There are the following educational programs in the Department of Management and European models of education, such as:

  • Bachelor Degree
  • Master Degree
  • Post graduate
  • The program “I am a manager”

 Master Degree

The first master’s degree program was launched in 2014. Masters Degree program are realized in three languages (Tajik, Russian and English). To the magistracy can come program alumni and bachelor degree specializations and universities throughout Tajikistan.

Duration of education—2 years
Form of education — full time

Rabieva Tahmina Mukimovna


Ph.D. in Economic Sciences

Associate Professor

There are 3 sin the faculty :

  • international Management
  • Investment management
  • Effective energy technology and energy management