Financial management and Innovation Faculty

Financial management and Innovation Faculty

Khasanov Abdurakhim Rakhmonovich

Dean of the faculty

Candidate of Economic Sciences

Associate Professor


Sultonov Abdurakhmon Nemonovich

Deputy Dean for Academic Work

Senior Lecturer


Goziev Mukhiddin Nuridinovich

Deputy Dean for science and innovation




Raupov Parviz Makhmadovich

Deputy Dean on educational work


Financial management and Innovation Faculty

1) 1-25010410 – Financial management;

2) 1-25010711 – Economy and management of an industrial plant;

3) 1-25010707 – Project Management;

4) 1-25010201 – Analytical economy;

5) 1-25010104 – Economy Research Technological Development 

Short feature to specialization «Financial management»

In market economies management finance is one of main and priority problems, costing before any enterprise, regardless of the forms of the organizations, spheres and scale to his activity. So profession of the financial director at present became one of key, vitally required for any enterprise and economy of the country as a whole.

The main purpose to specialization «Financial management» within the framework of profession «Finance and credit» – preparation personnel for high and average management, including:

– a financial director of the enterprise;

– a chief of financial management (the department);

– a leader of the financial division;

– leading specialist of the division (the department, management).

Specialization «Financial management» accents attention on training specialist, who must possess the knowledge’s and skill of management main and current capitals of the enterprise, know how to form his financial and investment politician. Realize the analysis and planning his production program, co-ordinate their own actions with the other subdivisions and service, value any strategic, tactical and operative decisions with standpoint of their influence upon final results of economic activity.

Short feature to specialization « Project management» 

A specialist in this specialty is a manager rational economic process, production and social development of enterprises of all legal forms, taking into account industry-specific, technology, technology, production, effective environmental management in positions requiring basic higher economic education.