Faculty of Information Technology industry

History of creation and development of the Faculty of BRANCH INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES

September 1, 2008, the Faculty of information technology systems and information technology began to prepare bachelor of specialty 1 40 01 02 02 Technology and information systems (in the economy) . According to the command of rector of the Technological University of Tajikistan under 6 /H January 20, 2010 in the faculty of the system and the application of information technologies and innovative technologies faculty and was established faculty of computer technology and computer information systems , its activities began from 01 February 2010 until 01 September 2011 . From 01 September 2014, the Faculty of specialized information systems and technologies and Faculty of innovative technologies and computer industry being operated as a faculty of Information Technology in the training of specialists in the field of information systems.
Assigned to the faculty prepare bachelor System Requirements 1 40 01 02 02- and information technology (in the economy), 1-40 01 01 07- Mathematical and Automated software supply, 1-40 01 01 04- ‘data security systems, 1-40010108- programmer engineer continues.
There are 3 departments functioning in  faculty now. In particular, the Department of Information Systems, Department of Programming and Information Technology, Department of higher mathematics and computer science.
Department of Information Systems’ training bachelors on 1-40010202 specialties – System and Information Technology, 1-40 01 01 04- information and safety systems of the Department of Programming and information technology training bachelor by specialties 1 -40 01 01 07- and Automated software and mathematical support 1-40010108- Contact-leading software as chairs engineer.
Faculty of Branch Information Technology efforts to search for methods and ways to improve the quality of education in 2014-2015 academic year in accordance with the requirements of the labor market specialists in a new era.

Ashurov Subkhon Burhonovich

Dean of the faculty

PhD in physics and mathematics., Doctor of economic  sciences Acting  professor




The list of specialty faculty with the classification of its short

  • 1-40010202 – System and information technology (in the economy).
  • 1-40010104 –
  • 1-40010107 – Mathematical and Automated software support.
  • 1-40010108 – engineering software.

  The departments of Faculty

  1. The Department of  information systems and technologies
  2. The Department of computer programming and engineering
  3. Department of Higher Mathematics and Informatics
  4. Department of Humanities